Welcome to Red Draft Editing!

A good editor is worth his or her weight in salt. The editor’s role is to come alongside the author after the story has been written and help polish the manuscript to be the very best it can be before your readers set their eyes upon it.Let Red Draft Editing partner with you in polishing that piece of writing you’ve been working so hard on. We’re here to help with affordable and accurate copy editing and proofreading services. We also offer basic web design to help get your business that extra exposure it needs in today’s social media-saturated world.

Copy Editing

A thorough copy edit will involve line-by-line edits using Microsoft Word's track changes feature. This will enable you, the author, to approve/deny our edits to your manuscript before accepting any proposed changes. We'll dive into your story and check for proper grammar, word usage, plot holes, character consistency, and much more to help make your story shine. This process will include two to three rounds of edits, depending on how much needs to be rewritten and your satisfaction with the editorial process.


Sometimes a piece of writing needs nothing more than a good run-through with a fresh set of eyes to find the grammar mistakes, typos, and misspellings. Trust us - you can't always count on Microsoft Word to catch everything, and that's why we're here with our proofreading services that are affordable, fast, and top of the line. We'll use Microsoft Word's track changes feature to polish up that book, story, report, resume - if it has words, we'll clean it up.

Basic Web Design

You're working hard to build your business from the ground up, and in today's online-driven society you're going to need a good website. We offer a basic web design package that will cover all of your needs for the first year of inception. We'll create a billboard website that will detail your business and the services you offer. This package includes everything for the first year, including server hosting, domain name, web design, maintenance, and website copy written by Red Draft Editing.