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We'll dive into your manuscript and check for proper grammar, word usage, plot holes, character consistency, and much more to help make your short story, novella, or novel shine!


We'll edit any type of document, checking for grammar, word usage, typos and misspellings. We'll help you shape your paper, resume, or any other document you have into the best it can be!

Website Design

We'll create a billboard website that will detail your business and the services you offer. We take care of everything for the first year, including server hosting, domain name, web design, maintenance, and website copy written by Red Draft Editing.

Special Limited Time Offer!
~ $499 Manuscript Copy Edit and Proofread ~
Any Manuscript. Any Length.

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Always Open!

Our services are always available, day or night, 365 days a year!

Multiple Revisions

We provide 2-3 revisions of edited work, so you're guaranteed to get the most polished manuscript/document possible.

Personalized Attention

We give personalized attention to all edits and website design, and we communicate with you through the whole process, so you're never left in the dark.


We balance top-of-the-line quality with affordable services.